Make A Statement Alpaca Poncho

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An authentic alpaca wool poncho.

This poncho is beautiful! With crochet detailing on the edges, and reversible - You will be warm and oh so stylish.

Truly versatile, it is the perfect clothing item to ward off those chills, add a bit of excitement to your outfit or help in keeping you cozy while on the couch reading a book.

These natural fibres are luxuriously light, soft and warm. The Alpaca Wool will keep you nice and warm when it is cold and yet still breathy and comfortable on any day.

The Alpaca wool itself is soft, durable and luxurious. While similar to sheep wool, Alpaca wool is warmer, softer, not prickly and has no lanolin which makes it hypoallergenic. It is also naturally water-resistant

The Alpaca animal is indigenous to Ecuador and sustainably provided fabric for thousands of years. The animal lives and climbs many mountainous regions of Ecuador and other South American countries.

Shades and colours may vary slightly from the photos. Easy to care for! Use the Delicate Wash setting.

We sustainably support the local indigenous fabric makers, farmers and merchants.

80% pure alpaca wool 20% acrylic

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Handmade in Ecuador

Fair Trade Product

Your Purchase Supports Makers in Ecuador - Thank-you

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