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Ever seen a herd of alpacas stampeding down a mountainside? Nope? 

Well now you have… 



Meraki Movement is offering a steal of a deal my friends, and that’s why the muchachos and I are thundering down the mountain. Cue Starship: 🎵 Nothing’s gonna stop us now! 🎶 

Some of our loved ones are graduating this summer, some will have birthdays, and others are getting married

It’s been a really strange (and hard!) year ‘n’ a bit, and in many parts of the world, ceremonies and celebrations won’t be as big as they once were. Some might just happen online. 

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t offer our loved ones gifts to celebrate the BIG milestones in their lives!

And what better than the gift of COMFORT in these stressful times?

The muchachos (young men), hembras (ladies) and I donated our wool so Quechuan artisans in Peru and Ecuador could handcraft it into gorgeous blankets… for YOU (and me)! 

The blankets are luxurious, hypoallergenic (won’t be itchy), stay warm when damp, are easy to care for, super stylish… and PERFECT when cuddling around a fire, as I’m sure many of us will this summer. 

So get outta my way, amigo - I’ve got blankets to pick-up while supplies last. Some designs have already sold out, but most of my favourites are still available… for now, at least! But why is it so hard to find a computer with internet in these high mountain pastures?!

Check out our selection >>> here. We have scarves, blankets, ponchos, beanies, socks, pillow covers and travel bags, as well!

Wait. Just thought of a gift better than comfort: MOOLAH! So here’s one for YOU.

Spend more than $100 and SAVE $20! So much better than comfort.

Your $20 off coupon code is: ALPACATTACK

It’s valid this month only! So don’t delay, order today! 

What’s this? YOU have high speed internet? Then you just might beat us to it, amigo. Drat. 

Ride, alpacas, ride!!!

Alonzo “Al” Paca

Official Spokesalpaca, Meraki Movement

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