Everything you need to know about Christmas Markets! - Meraki Movement

Everything you need to know about Christmas Markets!

Market Questions and Style!

It is I, Alonzo! Meraki Movement’s favourite (and only) Official Spokespaca!

Snow brings deep thoughts....

If the snow falls before a FALL Market, does that mean it automatically changes to a WINTER Market?

Is every Fall/Winter Market just a Christmas Market in disguise?

These are the questions I ask myself as I stare out into the white void of falling snow, pondering the myriad of Christmas Markets we are booked into this year.

(The full list of markets is at the end of this blog, and no! You cannot scroll past the Diary entry! Read on!)

I have shovelled twice already, and the snow is still coming. The only thing that cheers me up is the layers of Luxury Alpaca Products I put on that repel the snow, keeping me warm and dry. 

It’s like wearing layers of myself but more colourful and stylish. Function and style! I am one sexy Alpaca! Validation: it makes me feel better about the doom snow.



Alonzo Diary

Speaking of colourful and stylish-  last year, I was wandering the isles of the Millerville Christmas Market, wearing my favourite RED alpaca poncho, marvelling at the creativity, passion, and beauty each vendor brought to the market when a little girl approached me and pulled at my poncho.

“Llama?” She asked.

“Alpaca,” I replied.

“Llama?” She asked again.

“Alpaca.” I said, this time pointing at myself, “Alpaca”.

She started to cry. What a delightful child, I thought. Ha. Jokes.

“Oh no! Don’t cry!” I bent my furry head down to her, my big teeth sticking out in every direction, my eyes wide with panic, alpaca-snot dripping from my cute as a button nose, and for some crazy reason...she screamed!

I jumped, the vendors closest to us jumped, and her madre and hijo came running.

“What happened? Did the bad Llama bite you?” The mother scooped up the sobbing little girl.

“Alpaca.”  I declared, looking between the brother and the mother.

“What are you doing in here? Get out! No animals allowed! Shoo!” The mother swished her hand at me, and my natural reflex was to spit.

So, I spit!

Now, Alpaca spit stinks. I can barely stand it myself, but it's pretty harmless. And it’s just a natural Alpaca reflex. It comes out as half-digested …whatever I’ve been eating, and in this case, it was cotton candy, apple cider and hay. You would have thought I spit radio-active goo at her by the way she shrieked! My snot globules dripped off her perfectly coifed hair onto her shrieking kid, and I nearly spit again. It was so hilarious! HAAA-larious!

Take that! Alpaca-attack!

Best to leave on a winning note, so I pranced away, smug in my Alpaca-ness. Llama, my ass. Time to finish my Christmas Shopping.

Then I spotted security. And we made eye contact.


Passing by a vintage Christmas booth, I swiped a couple of strands of old tinsel rope and swirled it around my neck to disguise myself and blend in.

Didn’t work. They kept coming. “There’s the Llama. Cut him off!”

“ALPACA!” Pivot!

And promptly tangled me up in a strand of Christmas lights! I struggled to get free, only to upset the vendor whose lights I was now adorned in. Pulling the lights with me, I leapt forward and bolted for the door. Lights clacking, tinsel waving, bright coloured poncho flapping – I galloped for freedom! 

Clip- clop-clip clop! Ok, it sounds more like a trot on the floor when I do the sound effects.  

I blasted past the incoming customers and out into the darkness! The hot fuzz in hot pursuit!

“FRRRREEEEEEEDDDDOOOOOOOOOMMMM.” I Saw that in a movie once. I always wanted to say it.

I could see the racetrack ahead of me and think for sure I could lose them.

Clip-clop, clip-clop.

In my mind, I was running like the wind! The track spread out before me as I galloped like a racehorse! I was on fire! Alpaca racing could be a thing! I was winning at life!

Clip-clop, clip-cl…” GAAAACK!”

One of the security guards jogged up behind me and grabbed the tail end of my favourite Alpaca Scarf, Jolly Rancher, yanking me backwards off my feet by my long, fluffy neck.

Clearly, speed is not my forte. Dream killers.

I was laying in the dirt, my beautiful poncho now dusty, with a security guard massaging my head,

“It’s ok, llama. We will get you home to your people. That’s a good llama. Such a soft llama. Hey Fred, you should feel his guy! He’s so soft! Feel his soft little head and cute little pear-shaped ears!”

There was no coming back from this kind of humiliation. 

They led me back to the Meraki Booth by my scarf to a very worried employee, who greeted me with hot cocoa and more cotton candy. More cooing ensued, I love my employees. They truly understand me.

I learned two things that day:

Most people can’t tell the difference between an Alpaca and a Llama, and stay in my booth. Leave the shopping to the people!

If you want to come to see us at our booth and do some much-needed Christmas shopping, you can find us at the following markets listed below!




Millerville Christmas Market

Millerville Racetrack (I think Alpaca Races could still be a thing. Who’s with me?)

November 3 – 6, November 10 – 13, 

9 am – 4 pm

Tickets must be purchased ahead of time!


The Okotoks Christmas Market

Elks Hall on 58 Elizabeth Street – Okotoks (Limited parking, get there early. I’m not giving you a ride back to your car.)

November 4 from 2-6, November 5 from 9-4.

Okotoks Centennial Center

November 11 from 2-6, November 12 & 13 from 9-4.

120 Artesian Vendors!


Golden Acres Home and Garden Community Market

620 Goddard Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2K 5X3

November 12: 12 pm – 6 pm

November 13: 9 am – 4 pm

Don’t forget to bring gently used winter clothing for their November Featured Charity – Project Warmth Society of Alberta!


Banff Christmas Market

Warner Stables, 100 Sundance Rd, Banff

November 18 - 19, November 25 - 27, December 2 - 4

Friday & Saturday 10 am - 8 pm, Sunday 10 am - 4 pm


We will also have some great Market only Specials that will appease your holiday shopping!

Keep an eye out for future blogs, emails, and social posts about more Meraki Markets in the second half of November and December to satisfy your Quality Alpaca desires!

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