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Fall Fugue and Christmas Gifts

It is I, Alonzo! Meraki Movement’s favourite (and only) Spokespaca!

The glorious fall weather has us all in a fall-fugue state that may delay thinking about holiday gift-giving of warm, soft, and light as a feather Alpaca Products, but I am here to tell you to RESIST the fugue!

SNOWMAGEDDON will descend upon us Alpacafast! - The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming! Prepare!

Surviving Snowmageddon in Alpaca Style!

One of the best ways to stay warm during snowmageddon is to bury yourself under Alpaca wool! Our big Queen-Sized alpaca blankets come in a variety of patterns and colours that defy the visual senses with their vibrancy and depth. What makes them even better is their warmth to weight ratio! Alpaca wool  is lighter than sheep wool but 7 times warmer!  So, if you like the idea of being wrapped in a delicate, soft cloud, wrap not just yourself, but those you love, in an affordable Alpaca Blanket!

And you can find them all at the Christmas Markets! 🍂❄️

But if you aren’t up for the crowds and want to sip your pumpkin spice latte from the cozy spot on the couch under your first but not last, Meraki alpaca Blanket – you can do you shopping online on our brand-spankin-new website here!



Alonzo Diary

October is almost done, and that means HALLOWEEN! Snowmageddon and Halloween have 2 things in common – Alpacadramatics! I have a spooktacular story to tell you!

Last November I was trapped in a snowstorm in Bonnyville (Don’t ask me what I was doing in Bonnyville, Ab. on Halloween. What happens in Bonnyville on Halloween, stays in Bonnyville.)

I left the parteh early largely because of the impending dooooom snow. Trying to sip my pumpkin spice latte and drive with no thumbs is hard, so when I hit ice on highway 28 (Buffalo Trail) and the turn off to Bonnyville Beach (No I was not partying on the beach in November! Stop asking what I was doing there!) my beautiful red VW beetle slid into the ditch.  I had no reception on my alpacaphone, so I had no choice but to look for help! I layered up with the Meraki coziness that I keep around for emergencies such as these - about 4 alpaca scarves and 2 Alpaca Blankets, and attempted to flag down a passing motorist. Have you ever seen an Alpaca try to flag down a passing motorist in a snowstorm? Neither has anyone else! I was all alone! In the wild! What if there were wolves!

Cue dramatic music - I clip-clopped into the wind, my bright, bold coloured Meraki blankets and scarves blowing behind me in striking fashion, my ears pinned back and my eyes squinting from the howling snow, when I saw a flickering light! I turned towards it and hopped my way through the deep snow. Salvation at last….Or so I thought!

Eventually I reached a small worn-down building that looked like an old church. The light from inside flickered as the front door blew in the wind.

Bang! Bang!

The sound was barely audible over the wind, but my bones could feel it! Shaking from cold, I stepped closer, eager for shelter and to dry my water resistant alpaca wool and chilly hooves. I gripped the banging door, and heaved it closed behind me silencing the roar of the wind. Pulling my alpaca blanket tight around me, I turned to find the source of the light and was greeted by a large lone flickering candle on a table at the back of the church.

The flame was STOIC!

Despite the wind. Despite the draft!

I walked, clip-clop, clip-clop, on the wood floor, to the candle. Mesmerized by its stillness. Mesmeri…

The wail of pain that ripped through the building surrounded me like the very alpaca blanket I wore, making all the wool on my body stand up!  I screamed in fear! I Snorted and bucked in a circle, trying to escape the sound, eventually I collapsed on the floor under my blanket.

The wailing ceased.

Panting and wild-eyed I peaked out from under the blanket to see the frozen toes of a shoeless woman. I flailed backwards just as the ax came down onto the floor with a THUNK! THUNK! THUNK! 

Nobody dies in their dreams, so I was thrilled to come to in my car, fighting off tangles of alpaca scarves and blankets and not an ax wielding homicidal spirit! The Thunk Thunk THUNK was just the goose-egg growing on my forehead!  



Now that I scared myself, and hopefully you, let’s talk about fun things! Like the dates for the fall and Christmas markets! (We need a Halloween market, don’t ya think?)

Markets – Alpaca Style!

You can prepare for the holidays and snowmageddon in ONE EASY WAY - Attend all the markets!

Here are 4 of the Wonderful Fall and Christmas Markets that we’re participating in!

Millerville Christmas Market

Millerville Racetrack (I think Alpaca Races should be a thing. Who’s with me?)

November 3 – 6, November 10 – 13

9 am – 4pm

Tickets must be purchased ahead of time!


The Okotoks Christmas Market

Elks Hall on 58 Elizabeth Street – Okotoks (Limited parking, get there early. I’m not giving you a ride back to your car.)

November 4-5 Starting at 2 pm

120 Artesian Vendors!

Golden Acres Home and Garden Community Market

(They have houseplants. I love plants. All I want for Christmas is a Black ZZ and Queen-sized Alpaca Blanket that isn’t made from MY wool. Because that would be creepy.)

620 Goddard Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2K 5X3

November 12 – 12pm – 6pm, November 13

9 am – 4pm

Don’t forget to bring gently used winter clothing for their November Featured Charity – Project Warmth Society of Alberta!

Banff Christmas Market

(Tickets have to be pre-purchased as well. SANTA'S HOUSE AND REINDEER WILL BE THERE!) 

Warner Stables, 100 Sundance Rd, Banff

November 18 - 19 , November 25 - 27 , December 2 - 4 

Friday & Saturday 10am - 8pm, Sunday 10am - 4pm 

Don’t forget to stop by the outdoor Fire Lounge Bar and enjoy beverage from Park Distillery or Three Bears Brewery!

We will also have some great Market only Specials that will appease your holiday shopping!

Keep an eye out for future blogs, emails, and social posts about more Meraki Markets in the second half of November and December to satisfy your Quality Alpaca desires!

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