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Just A Swingin! – Hammock Chairs!

Do you know what is just as colourful, fun, and beautiful as a stampede ride at night?

Our Hammock chairs!

Not only are these hammock chairs incredibly comfortable and sturdy and handmade, but they also add a touch of elegance and relaxation to any setting. Ideal for outdoor spaces, these chairs offer a distinctive way to enjoy your yard in comfort. If you prefer indoor seating, these chairs can also be hung from the ceiling with the right mounts, and are perfect for any room in your home, as they provide a stylish and comfortable option for your book nook, your teens’ bedroom, or your sunroom. Meraki Movement's hammock chairs are a must-have. Whether you're lounging on your deck, under your pergola, or beneath your favourite tree, these chairs will elevate your seating and relaxation experience. 

Alonzo Goes to the Stampede

“Medicine Hat is hot as hades on a cool day!”, say the folks swinging on their Meraki Movement Hammock Chairs snuggly hung on porches sheltered from the blistering heat. Do you know what Medicine Hat folks do when it’s that hot? They go to the Stampede! So, when in Rome…

While my lovely compadres were manning our market booth at the Medicine Hat Stampede Market, I was tasked with finding us some lemonade at the Iconic Lemonade stands found at every Stampede in Alberta! They had new flavours this year and we couldn’t wait to try them. Alpacas are hot on the best days but standing in line at the Lemonade booth seemed like a lesson in heat stroke!

I waited patiently, shifting my alpaca weight from the left, to the right and back to the left. I watched the people, the cowgirls in the fringe tops and short denim shorts looking so cool. The cowboys in long-sleeved shirts, hats, jeans, and boots made me sweat even more. My eyes swam before me, one giant lemon stand became two.

And fade to black.

I woke up in a barn stall. Bot a hospital bed, but a barn stall with wood shavings for a bed. How pedestrian! I slowly stood to my feet when a hand reached out to me. “Steady there fella. You gave us quite the scare. Think you have a bit of heat stroke!”

“Am I ok? Am I going to die? Where’s the doctor?”

“I’m the veterinarian. You’re gonna be ok. I have some bulls to check on. You stay here and rest.”

He seemed like a knowledgeable fellow. Just not knowledgeable enough about this city Alpaca. I was not going to “rest” on these wood chips. I wanted a nice comfy bed. Or I MIGHT die.

I peeked between the bars of my barn prison and took in the scene. Horses and donkeys were being shuffled here and there. When the coast was clear I flipped the latch and eased the stall door open.

“Creeeeeeeeeeek. I ducked. Listened. Nothing. Insert commando Alpaca music here. “Da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da Batman!”

I tiptoed down the alleyway and into the sunlight, “Oh my eyes! So bright!” I squinted as the headache began to pulse behind my eyeballs. Stumbling left, stumbling right. Shade! Where was the shade?

I found a nice cool spot under the rodeo bleachers.  Everything was so blurry. I began to hallucinate. A figure, maybe an angel in a cowboy hat patted me on the shoulder, “Heeeeey there, little fuzzzzzy feeeellla”, I couldn’t tell if my western angel was slurring his words or if the hallucinations were that bad! He handed me a cold beverage. I thanked him and downed it in the hopes it would satiate my thirst and kill this Alpaca killer headache!

It did not. It was beer. Guardian Angel was drunk.

“Let’s go find my buddies, new buddy! My friends will love you!”, then he belched.

He grabbed me by the chin hair and led me back into the light where I was once again blinded with pain.

There was so much “whoopin and hollerin” I couldn’t make out much. The beer was starting to work its Alpaca magic. I was “plum near drunk” according to one of the cowboys.

They sat me down on a chair for a rest. But then they put a seat belt on me. This was new. And then the chair began to move. The wind was blowing in my face and others began to scream, so I opened my eyes and screamed too! I was on The Swing Ride! The higher we went, the more we “swung” out, and I thought I was going to die! The music was booming, and the lights were flashing and my eyes wouldn’t line up with the holes!  




And then it was over. The swing began to descend. I could make out my new cowboy friends down below. They seemed to be having a great time, laughing, and howling away.

They unbuckled me and debated which ride they should put me on next. My protests went unnoticed.

Then my real Angel appeared out of nowhere.

“Get your drunkin’ mitts off my Alpaca!” Amanda bellowed. Her hillbilly language was effective. They did indeed get their drunkin’ mitts off her Alpaca. I thought she was going to take me to the nice soft fluffy bed but instead, she took me back to the barn, barking about always getting into trouble, drinking water, and resting when the vet told me to. She marched me right in and LOCKED the stall door.

I was about to throw an Alpaca temper tantrum when I noticed the 20 oz lemonade behind me.

Aww, she does love me.

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