Meraki Leather Back Packs – Perfect for a day trip to the mountains. - Meraki Movement

Meraki Leather Back Packs – Perfect for a day trip to the mountains.

Meraki Movement has just launched its newest line of handmade genuine leather backpacks, which are perfect for those who love to take short trips to the mountains. These backpacks are not only stylish but also practical and comfortable, making them a must-have for any short-trip adventurer. The suede-leather material gives the backpacks a luxurious look, while also being durable enough to withstand any rugged terrain. The backpacks come in a range of colours to suit any style, and their spacious compartments make them perfect for carrying all your essentials. With these stylish backpacks, you'll not only look good but also feel confident and comfortable during your mountain hikes.

You can’t find our leather backpacks on the website though! But you can find them at every market we are at!

Click on "Find Us at the Market" (at the top of this page) and boom! One step closer to those colourful, elegant, and versatile suede-leather backpacks!

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Alonzo Goes Hiking at Forget-Me-Not Pond – And learns about bear safety.

Despite my better judgment (face it, this fluffy Alpaca can’t hike like he used to. I’m citified!) I decided to spend a lovely July day with Amanda and her family on a hiking adventure in Kananaskis. We had heard about the beautiful Forget-me-not Pond and thought it would make for a perfect picnic. So off we went. I packed my things in my new Meraki Movement Backpack. I filled it with my water bottle, my poncho in case it rained, my bear whistle, Alpaca snacks, and my hiking boots - all four of them.

The trip out there was lovely, I fell asleep in the back of the VW and snored away in the flickering sunshine.

“Wake up Alonzo. Go find a picnic spot before they are all taken while we unload.”  I whipped the drool off my face and climbed out of the car. With my marching orders in mind, I wandered off to find the perfect picnic spot.

The dappled light in the trees was mesmerizing. What was even more mesmerizing was the smell of berries on the wind. I followed that scent. What could be more perfect than a picnic under a berry bush? Mmmmm....saskatoon berries. I thought I’d bring some home and make Amanda make me a pie!

I found the bushes! Yay, Alpaca nose! And proceeded to stuff my face with saskatoons. I could feel the juice running down my chin! It was heavenly!

It took a minute to register that the air no longer smelled like berries, but something slightly worse than a wet dog. I sniffed the air. Yup, worse than a wet dog! I heard a loud growl behind me. I turned around and saw a big, hungry bear staring right at me! His big Alpaca-eating face was covered in purple saskatoon berry juice too. I froze in fear, not knowing what to do. The bear started to approach me slowly, never breaking eye contact, and I knew I had to act fast. I remembered my whistle! Patting my back brought fresh horror to the situation, I left the pack and the whistle in the car!

I tried to remember my survival training (No, not the one where you outrun your friends and the bear eats them instead) and tried to make myself look as big and intimidating as possible. I stood on my back legs, fluffed out my top knot and tried to look like an unhinged Alpaca! It probably wasn’t far from reality.

I tried to whistle at the bear, to replace the whistle I left behind. But it turns out Alpacas can’t whistle. All I could do  was spit at him and make him mad. Big globs of purple Alpaca snot dripped from this big berry-covered bear face!

“Rawr! I’m gonna eat you bear!” I have no idea where that came from. The bear seemed to be taken aback by my sudden display of aggression and slowly backed away.

“That’s right bear! Fear me! Rawr!” he backed further away.

Slight relief fuelled my desire to turn my back on him and head back to the car as fast as I could. My heart was hammering in my chest so hard; it practically matched the beat of the bear's big leathery paws hitting the ground. I guess he changed his mind, and I was going to be dessert? I could almost feel his breath on my back!

“Beeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaar” I screamed as I barrelled (clop clop cloppity clop) down the path.

As I reached the parking lot, I took the scene in and realized I had only one option! Dive headfirst into the back of the giant lifted white redneck truck!

“I can fly!” is what went through my head as I leaped into the truck bed like an Alpaca ninja!

“Hey! What the...” The owner of said truck's protest was abruptly cut off by the bear slamming his giant body into the back end of the truck.

I was screaming, he was screaming, we were all screaming! Not for ice cream either. Although that does sound nice.

“I think, he’s out cold!” said the fellow while peaking around the side of the truck.

“Where did the Llama come from?”

“I’m an Alpaca, thanks very much.” I tried to gracefully hop out of the truck but fell with a thud which elicited a groan from the out-cold-turkey bear.

“Shhhhhh! Alonzo! What did you do now?” Amanda materialized out of thin air by my side.

“On three, run to the car and get in!” She instructed.

“One, two...” I ran.

“Alonzo!” She yelled.

Diving into the VW, I slammed the car door behind me. And locked it. 

“Let me in you...” She swallowed the rest of her sentence when she saw my face, “behind you!” I mouthed.

I watched in horror as Amanda ran circles around the red VW with the bear right behind her. I knew I shouldn't have watched The Revenant!

I remembered my whistle! I fumbled in my pack and brought it to my lips!

After the first or tenth blow, I lost count in my panic, the bear fell to the ground. The Fish and Wildlife Officer stood behind him with his tranquillizer gun like a scene from one of those old Westerns!

Amanda slumped over with relief.

Those guys are the real heroes of the day!

“We are going home, Alonzo.”

I blew my whistle at her.

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