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“Like my new poncho? I wool lend it to you, if you like.”

-Alonzo Paca, unofficial Meraki Movement mascot


No Al, that would be foolish. If you lend out your alpaca wool poncho, you’ll never get it back. Who would settle for merely borrowing something so beautiful, soft and warm? 


Fortunately, Meraki Movement’s partners in Ecuador and Peru continue to produce gorgeous ponchos, blankets and scarves with their very own motifs and designs - each piece handcrafted with love, using traditional weaving techniques honed by Quechua artisans. 

And yes, we have something for all tastes… which is why you won’t be satisfied to merely “borrow” a poncho or a blanket from Al (plus, he has fleece… get it?).

Some people mistakenly believe that you can only get a ‘rustic look’ when you wear alpaca wool garments. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Alpaca was once the chosen fiber for the nobility of long ago, and it continues to grow in popularity. 

When it is carded, wrought and spun,

Then the work is half in done;

But when woven, drest and clean,

It may be cladding for a queen.

Okay, so those are traditional Scottish folk song lyrics about tarry sheep’s wool, but Al ap-Peru-ves of their use for describing the wow factor of alpaca wool.

Looking to inject a bit of royalty into your own life? Then check out our Feeling Posh collection, featuring elegant ponchos, chic scarves, exquisite blankets, and yes, luxurious pillow covers.

Are you a little more free-spirited? Then head on over to our Gypsy Oasis.

Proud of your western heritage? It’s Out West for you!

And for you tough and rugged types who embrace life in the bush (but still like to look good for the moose!), we’ve got you covered whenever you decide to head Into the Wilderness.

Our products are all handmade, so get them while supplies last!

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