Share the Love! Thumbprint 2023 PPAI Pyramid Winner - Meraki Movement

Share the Love! Thumbprint 2023 PPAI Pyramid Winner

What an honour it was to partner with Thumbprint on their Share the Love campaign! 

Thumbprint won the 2023 PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) Gold Pyramid Award for Marketing Programs in the self-promotion category with their Share the Love campaign. The campaign was created to demonstrate “that branded gifts and products can (and should) accomplish more than just advertising.” 

To Thumbprint, branded gifts should tell a story, lift people up, and inspire! And they do just that! 

Meraki Movement (Us!) supplied them with our Alpaca throw blankets made by our artisan partners in Ecuador. It was such a thrill to share our story with them, show off our products and be a part of an innovative company bent on change! 



Thumbprint is a brand management company that focuses on streamlining company operations using an intelligent ecosystem of integrated brand management services. If you need creative marketing, they do that! If you need to set up distribution, they handle all the logistics! If you need visible business analytics, Thumbprint will set your company up for success! They will meet all your needs and exceed your expectations. Thumbprint operates with heart. 

And that is why we were so pleased to be a part of their Share the Love campaign. Afterall, Meraki means creating with heart and with purpose. At their warehouse, each Alpaca blanket was packaged and shipped in a custom-designed box featuring our Alpaca motif. They included a printed insert explaining the story behind our blankets. The box also included a QR code directing recipients to a video where they could see our Ecuadorian craftsmen/partners creating the blankets we share with our fellow North Americans! 

Thank you for all the love, Thumbprint! And congratulations on your GOLD!

Now Let’s Talk Shop - Promotional Industry! 

The whole point of promotional products is to leave a lasting impression on your client. You want them to remember your brand and you! The best way to do that is to remind them often, subtly, that you are there. You can do that with a pen, a mug or a colourful water bottle. But you can also do that with something that speaks louder, feels personal, and goes beyond the standard branded corporate gifts, something that touches lives!  

  • When you add Meraki Movement to your branded merchandise, you add a company that supports a growing farming and weaving industry in Ecuador, but also a family-run operation on both sides of the equator. You’re affecting real people!


  • When you purchase from Meraki Movement, you invest in sustainable, eco-friendly products. Now, we are reminded daily how important it is to examine where our dollars go. To not only better understand how our corporate spending affects the environment but also hold ourselves and our companies  accountable. By supporting us, you support these Meraki Movement initiatives!  

You can look at our wholesale website here and contact us about a collaboration here! 

We can help you with the following: 

  • Warm and fuzzy Branded Merchandise 
  • Luxurious Personalized Gifts 
  • Promotional Products that inspire

The Beating Heart

Meraki Movement means doing something with heart, purpose, with intention. 

We at Meraki believe that everything we do with our dollar bills should be filtered through that lens. We aim to promote and supply Alpaca products that do that. 

And keep you warm!

If you want to talk about our sustainable, eco-friendly, stylish, silky soft Alpaca products and the heart of what sets us apart, email us here

Gracias, mi amigos!

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