The new products for the 2023 season are here! - Meraki Movement

The new products for the 2023 season are here!

Meraki Movement is so excited to show off our new line of products from Ecuador that are sure to make a positive impact on the world and your shop! These products are made using natural and recycled materials and processes that minimize environmental harm while supporting local communities in Ecuador.

Some of the new products are:

Scarves (regular or wide)

Blankets (throws or Queen-sized)


Purses and wallets

Hammock Chairs


All our products are designed here in High River by us and then made from alpaca fibre, llama wool, cotton, leather, and other recycled and sustainable materials. They are produced using fair trade practices, ensuring that artisans are paid a fair wage and work in safe conditions. This not only benefits the makers but also helps to promote economic development in the region.

As well as being sustainable and fair trade, these products are also eco-friendly. They are made using Alpaca fiber, recycled acrylic, and other environmentally-friendly processes that reduce the use of harmful chemicals and minimize waste. This helps to protect the environment and preserve natural resources for future generations.

Meraki Movement's commitment to these fair trade, sustainable, and eco-friendly products is an important practice that will make a positive impact on the small family-run makers in Ecuador and the environment. Whether you are looking for a new outfit, a unique accessory, or a beautiful piece of home decor, these products offer a great way to support sustainability, fair trade, and eco-friendliness while enjoying high-quality, stylish goods.


To be Faire…

I’m looking at you, my wholesale friends!

With the new product drop, it would be wise to place your order asap! Just a reminder that when you order through our fancy link HERE you get all the great Alpaca-perks that wholesaling with Faire gives you! Like FREE $$$ from Faire to go towards your first purchase from us! And margins to die for!

Net 60 Payment Terms

Free Returns

Free shipping for 1-year

You add those kinds of perks to the incredible story of Meraki Movement and their Ecuadorian Makers and you have a recipe for success. You can thank me later. Or anytime really. HA!


I cacti find my way out of here – An Alonzo Diary Entry

I never thought I would get lost in a garden centre. But then again, I never thought I would be an alpaca either. Life is full of surprises.

Amanda decided to take me on a little trip to Golden Acres Home and Garden on the first day of Spring! She declared it was time to get the seeds started for her planters.  I was excited to see all the different flora and fauna and to feel the sun on my back. It had been a long winter! And the trip home to Ecuador left me longing for summer here.

We started in the outdoor section of the garden centre, where Amanda let me graze on some fresh grass while she looked at different types of shrubs. I was content for a while, until the little kids wanted to pet me like a cat. Do I look like a cat? NO!  No Touchy! I decided to wander off on my own to explore.

At first, I didn't go very far. I just wandered around the perimeter of the outdoor section, looking at all the different shrubbery. But then I saw something that caught my eye: a small opening in the fence that separated the outdoor section from the indoor section. I could have used the front door but where’s the fun in that!  Let the Alpaca-antics commence!

I had never been inside a garden centre before, so I squeezed through the opening and entered the indoor section.

It was like entering a whole new world. There were so many different plants, smells, and colours all arranged in neat rows. I wandered down one row, then another, then another. Every so often I would take a nibble of a plant and if it was delicious GULP! And if not, I spit it out in true Alpaca fashion.

The house plant section was absolutely divine! There were so many plants I recognized from our house! We have that one, a golden pothos. I mean who doesn't? And we have that one, the Ficus Elastica, that's right, I use their proper names like a proper house plant collector. And then (insert heavenly harp music here!) I spotted the one we didn't have. The unicorn of all Philos! The Strawberry Shake Philodendron. I picked the beauty up with my hooves and carefully inspected it. Yes. My precious. You are mine! Now off to find Amanda and convince her “we must haves it”!

Do you know the feeling of being lost when you don't know you are lost? It's bliss! Ignorant bliss!  But suddenly you check back into reality and go, "where am I? How did I get here?". I looked around, but everything looked the same. I didn't know which way to go to find Amanda!

I started to panic. I didn't know what to do. I wandered around aimlessly, hoping that I would stumble upon someone.  But the longer I wandered, the more lost I became. Deep breaths were my mantra to remain Alpaca calm!

Eventually, I found myself in a section of the garden centre that was filled with cacti. It reminded me of the cacti called Huachuma, which grow to 20+ feet in the Andes! Only these were so tiny! I was so fascinated I forgot I was lost! I wandered around, looking at all the different shapes and sizes of the cacti.

While inspecting these tiny phenomena, I accidentally brushed up against one of the cacti with my nose, and a sharp pain made my eyes water. I realized that I had a bunch of cactus needles stuck in my nose! I jumped backward like I had been stabbed and the cacti behind me clung to my Alpaca wool! I was being attacked!

I tried to shake them out, but they just dug in deeper. So this is what it feels like to do the tango with a porcupine! I was lost, in pain, and alone.


Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, I heard a voice. Like an angel singing my name! It was all around me! Amanda had been looking for me all this time! I ran forwards, clip-clop, clip-clop.

"Where are you?" I cried!

Up and down the isles, I clip-clopped, my hoof beats echoing on the concrete.

"Alonzo! Stop running!" Amanda yelled.

"Oh heeeeey, there you are!" I tried to sound casual when I saw her. 

"I called you on the PA system and told you to come to the...what happened to you? You're covered in cacti!"

"Uhm, excuse me, miss? Llama aren't allowed in the store. And you're going to have to pay for all the plants he ate and the cacti he tried to steal". The little sale lady said with enough sass to make me want to spit. Couldn't she see I was in distress?

"Excuse ME, miss! I am an Alpaca!"

Amanda turned to face me and If looks could kill, I'd be dead. But like a white flag of truce, I lifted the Strawberry Shake Philodendron to her like an offering to the Aztec Gods of old, "Ohhhhhhh!" she gasped.

And that is how I survived to live another day.

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