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The Weather is Crazy!

I don’t know where you were on the Victoria Day long weekend, but here in southern Alberta, we had one nice day and the rest was rain, rain, rain... and a big dump of SNOW!

But did that stop us from going camping? NO!


That’s how badly we’ve been craving fresh air and open spaces after being confined for so long. Albertans are a tough bunch, we don’t let a little rain and snow get in the way of our fun!

Now May long will be old news by the time you read this - we blame our unofficial mascot, Al Paca, for steering us off course in that last email - but it sure reminded us of a few important things.

First, NEVER underestimate the power of Mother Nature, whatever the season. 

Two, always be prepared for the worst… and if you are, the “worst” might actually be pretty good.

Three, the best way to prepare for the worst is to have warm yet soft clothing and blankets that maintain their insulation value when damp. And you know what’s perfect for the job - alpaca wool! 

We definitely think so, anyway… but what about you?

If you dared the weather and went hiking in our Fresh Rain Ombre Poncho with a reversible beanie to keep your head warm, or if you huddled around the fire with a friend or sweetheart wrapped in a Crocus Large Blanket, we’d be very grateful if you could take the time to leave some honest product reviews and tagging us on social media!

And that goes for any of our products!

Have you been turning heads with our beautiful scarves? Reviews please!

Or given one of our limited pairs of cute and cosy alpaca socks a test drive for extra toasty footsies in your sleeping bag or hiking boots? Yes, reviews for those would be fab too!

As a small family-owned business, word of mouth goes a loooong way toward making people familiar with our brand. We depend on it to survive.

Our styles and designs look great in a rustic or an urbane setting - and everything in between! 

Thank you for your support!

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