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Faire Wholesale - Why it's the best for retail shops!

Hola, mi amigos! 

It is I, Alonzo! Meraki Movement’s favorite (and only) Official Spokespaca!

I look forward to February because it’s the LOVE month! We love Alpaca-love! 

Which is why we need to tell YOU about our Quichua Alpaca Ponchos

These beautiful, silky, shiny, classy, and VIBRANT ponchos will delight your love! 

She will look almost as amazing as I do in them! Almost! Imagine presenting her with a Teal Quichua Poncho that matches her eyes, right before you head out on your Valentine's Day date! She swirls it around her shoulders, her eyes glittering like the shiny Alpaca fabric she adorns herself with, and you head out into the night! 

If your love loves the colour Ruby Red, you can pair the Ruby Quichua Poncho with the

Our beautiful Midnight Black Scarf! Nothing is a s sensual as Black and Red! Except me. 

I am. I’m that sexy. 

Faire - Alpaca is Wholesale! 

Have you heard of Faire? - A wholesale marketplace connecting independent brands (many of them handmade lines) to independent boutiques! And handmade brands connected to independent boutiques! (See what I did there? HA!) 

So, if filling your shop with handmade, wholesale luxury Alpaca products from our amigos in Ecuador sounds like a beautiful thing, then you need to peruse our Wholesale Alpaca Faire Shop right…HERE

Wholesale Alpaca-Perks! 

When you buy wholesale alpaca from Meraki Movement you get Net 60 Payment Terms, Free Returns, and  Free shipping for 1-year! 

How about-them-Alpaca-apples!

The Alpaca-creme-de-la-creme is, you get $100 off your first wholesale alpaca order with us! 

But keep in mind, conditions apply - you must sign up through our specific Faire Wholesale link to reap all of these amazing wholesale alpaca benefits! 

If you’re not sure about our little wholesale alpaca business, check out some of our reviews! 

Reviews from our very happy wholesale alpaca customers (nothing but 5 stars for us!):

  • Maggie December 9 “Popular product with my customers”


  • Susan November 28 “Wonderful service, good price point, quality products. Easy to deal with, really good communication, will go the extra mile to deliver. Products are good value.”


  • Andrea September 24 “beautiful scarves The second year running I have purchased these scarves. so soft & warm. My customers love them for seasonal gifting”


  • Carma July 29 “Beautiful colors, I haven't had my event yet, but believe these scarfs will be a hit. Reasonably priced for alpaca. Hope to buy more when my store opens if they are as popular as I think they will be.”

So get shopping for your wholesale alpaca products today! 

Trip Home - Ecuador! - Home is where the heart is! 

You all remember I flew home in January, with my team to do some much needed stock replenishing! And to see my familia! I missed them so much! 

We found so many beautiful things to bring back to Canada! I can’t wait to show you the new colours and designs of the throw blankets, and given Alberta is in a deep freeze again, more toques! Boy, did those sell out fast at the Christmas Markets!  We may have found that which rhymes with kittens!  We have doubled down on the queen-sized blankets and even expanded on our Alpaca home decor!


You will never be cold while shoveling all that Alberta snow again! 

An Alonzo Diary Entry - Alpaca-Antics and a haircut in the Andes! 

That’s right, it’s summer down here! And I had to shave myself down to my skivvies to tolerate the warm weather, and blend in with mi familia! 

When we got to the airport, our dearest friend and tour guide met us there. She was holding a sign that said “Alonzo and company”. She laughed and laughed at my winter coat! We crowded into her car, pushing and shoving my fluffy butt into the back, and set off for the hotel. It was so warm! I began to sweat. Have you ever smelled a sweaty Alpaca before? Not to belittle myself, but it’s a cross between an athlete's shoe and a horse barn. By the time we got to the hotel, everyone had their noses plugged and I had my head hanging out the window. I couldn’t stand myself! 

When we got to the hotel, my compadres lugged our luggage into the old-fashioned turn-style door. I, and my Alpaca-fluff, jammed myself into the door behind my friends. The door slowed. I had jammed the door! We were stuck! Forever! We were stuck in a glass door with no air, only Alpaca-farts and Alpaca-sweat! 

The lady at the front desk called security, they all pulled on the door, “Heave!” and the door came loose! We all fell out! Luggage, my friends, and my fluff spilled out on top of each other. It took a bit to disentangle ourselves. 

Once settled at the hotel, my compadres decided to go touring to do tourists stuff, and I decided I better find a barber and get a shave or a haircut. Which from an Alpaca perspective, is the same thing. 

I asked the lady at the front desk where the nearest barber was and she clearly didn’t speak Spanish. Or possibly she was stunned silent by a talking Alpaca. 

Or she is still miffed over the door. 

Who knows! 

So, I wandered down the street until I found a barber shop. 

“Hola, Senior!” I called out as I sat myself down in the barber chair. The barber looked at me stunned, I assumed because I was wearing a full winter coat of Luxury Alpaca Wool in the middle of summer! But I was wrong! He said his clippers wouldn’t work on my glorious thick wool! He suggested I go down the block to the pet groomers. 

“Come again?” I said. 

“The pet groomers! They can bath you and shave you. You smell so bad! They have the clippers. I cannot clip this coat off you! It will destroy my clippers!” 

Alas, slightly humiliated, I sniffed myself, yup I stink, and sauntered down the street to the pet groomers. 

“Hola, Senorita!” I called out, yet again, hoping they wouldn’t disappoint me. 

“What do we have here! An Alpaca! Hello fuzzy fella! Ooooo sweety, you smell awful! Let's get you in the tub!” She identified me correctly! I am indeed an Alpaca! Yes! I am NOT a Llama! Did you hear that Albertans! I am an Alpaca! The Christmas fiasco flashed before my eyes!

She pushed me in the direction of the big stainless steel tub, which sat beside another tub occupied by a large white Livestock Guardian Dog, or LGD as we call them. They are bred to be fearless defenders of the Alpacas in the Andes, much like the sheep/alpaca dogs in America. 

“Hola, come here often?” He asked. 

I rolled my eyes and hopped in the tub. I could stretch out, relax, and inhale the smell of the soap! And a wet dog. But chose to focus on the soap! Spa day! That’s what it was like! A spa! But for dogs! And the odd stray Alpaca! 

The dog groomer (hair stylist), turned on the hose to a nice gentle, warm rain. I relaxed as she massaged lavender scented soap into my wool, I closed my eyes.  

And then I snapped back to reality, to the blast of a hair dryer. When I jumped, I startled the LGD in the tub next to me and he bolted out of the tub, guard dogging us all! Water and soap everywhere! The spell was broken! His hair stylist wrassled him back into the tub, flailing, barking, lunging! And all the while,  my stylist continued to dry my coat. Ever seen a blow-dried Alpaca before? I looked much like this blow dried cow! But sexy. A sexy blow dried Alpaca! 

When the blowdrying was done, she hustled me to a table, which makes waaaaaay more sense than a barbers chair! She pulled out her clippers and went to work taming my wool. I watched it fall, chunk by chunk to the floor. There was no mirror to gauge what was transpiring because dogs don’t care. Fluff ball, after fluff ball fell. 

“And done! You look amazing!” 

I felt amazing! So fresh! So clean! So naked! I strutted out of the Pet Salon like I was on Vogues 2023 runway! Yeah! I was turning heads as I sashayed my way back to the hotel. I caught my reflection in the window of a gift shop and stopped dead. NO! Oh NO! My dog groomer gave me a traditional New York POODLE CUT! 

I was going to be the laughing Alpaca-stock of mi familia! 

I galloped to the hotel, clip-clop clip-clop. Surely one of my friends has an electric razor I could borrow! Or I can cover myself up with one of my Alpaca Ponchos! When I got back to the hotel, I jammed myself into the turning door and realized I finally fit through the turn-style door! Yay! 

Maybe this haircut wasn’t so bad! 

Gracias, mi amigos!

Thanks for the fish, 


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